5 Uses for Your Sensitive Skin Shirt

With a little over a year of experience selling the most comfortable shirts for sensitive skin, here are our five best uses for your Smiling Panda shirt. Some ideas came from our customers! Have an idea or suggestion? Let us know in the comments or email us.

Ultra Soft Shirt

Ultra soft shirts designed for itchy skin

1. Wear it to bed

Itchiness while trying to sleep is such a big problem for me that I started this company to help fix it. My torso and arms get itchy at night and I can’t sleep, especially in the winter. Have the same problem? Try a long sleeve Smiling Panda shirt! It makes a big difference for me and it can for you too.

2. Workplace undershirt

Dress shirts are itchy, but most people have to wear them for work. Don’t let them bother you! Wear a short or even a long sleeve Smiling Panda shirt and protect yourself from itchy fabric.

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3. Exercise in it

Depending on where you live, summertime can get hot, humid and muggy. If you’re like many people with sensitive skin, your skin really itches in the humidity after working up a sweat, be it from exercise induced hives or some other type of rash. Try wearing a long sleeve Smiling Panda shirt when you go for a run or a bike ride. It’s lightweight and breathable while protecting your skin from the humidity.

But be careful! Our shirts are not designed to protect you from UV rays from the sun. If you have a high sensitivity to sunlight, I’d still recommend sun block, just to be safe.

4. Wintertime base-layer

Cold weather got your skin dry? I know the feeling. When you bundle up in your layers of thick coats and sweaters, start with a Smiling Panda shirt. It’s soft, lightweight and breathable, perfect for a base-layer on cold days.

5. Wear your shirt inside out

It might not be clear in our product photos, but we actually use a blue colored thread to sew the seams down flat during production. This can be seen clearly when the shirt is turned inside out, adding a little style. The only problem with this is that it puts the logo on the inside of the shirt and therefore rubs against your skin. Don’t mind that? Then give the inside-out look a try!

Have another idea? Let us know below!

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