Creating the Best Clothing for Sensitive Skin

Just like you, I suffered with skin problems that were worsened by scratchy clothes and rough sheets. I tested a dozen shirt brands that used different fabrics and designs, but just could not find a suitable answer.

So, I decided to make my own.

Combining a tagless, flat-seam design with the most comfortable fabric ever made, our shirts answer the question you ask yourself everyday: Where can I find an undershirt that doesn’t make me itchy?

Flat seam design
A normal seam (left) vs Smiling Panda flat seam (right)

The shirts are the most comfortable I have ever worn, but don’t just take my word for it. Take a look at what some of our customers have said:


Alexandria R; Cuyahoga Falls, OH
"I originally purchased the shirts for my 13-year old cousin, who suffers from eczema, but I kept one for myself. We both love the shirt! Her skin is extremely sensitive and other materials have irritated her skin, especially on her stomach and if long-sleeve, all the way down her arms. She told me that the Smiling Panda shirt was very comfortable and non-irritating. I don't have sensitive skin but I also find the shirt very comfortable to wear."
Bethany B; McLean, VA
"I get distracted easily when working out and can get annoyed by little things such as turf in my shoes or a slouched sock. This t-shirt is incredible it honestly feels like you’re not wearing one I love it. Also, I have exercise induced allergies as well so when I run I get hives which makes me itchy regardless of what I wear but this t-shirt actually made it a lot better and more comfortable to work out. Loved the logo, and no tag, a great shirt overall."

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Before I made these shirts, clothing drove me crazy, especially in the wintertime. Nighttime was a nightmare because my skin felt like it was crawling, and the only way to get to sleep was a heavy dose of Benadryl. During the day, the rough fabric of dress shirts made it impossible to focus at work.

Now, I wear my Smiling Panda shirts at night and underneath my dress shirts during the day. It’s like a little shield of comfort that protects me from itchy fabric. These shirts have made a real difference in my life, and they can make a difference in yours. I guarantee it.

Thank you,
Joe Paulo - Founder & CEO

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  • Judy Starkweather

    I purchased the long sleeved shirt and really like it, but find that even the seams on it irritate my neck and décolleté, my most sensitive part. Thinking of getting the short sleeved T but concerned I’ll have same trouble.

    What would really help me would be to have same T, but with a scoop neck, so material and seam wouldn’t touch my neck. Not so low as to show cleave though.

    Also, I found some ankle socks without elastic that work well, but would love to see if there is a cotton, elastic free footie to wear when I don’t want socks to show. Do you have any idea if these exist and where I might find them?

    Thank you!

  • Kristin

    I will purchase your long sleeve shirt. I also need pants like leggings or long underwear for sleeping. I scratch my legs in my sleep and wake up bloody. Please help!

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