New Treatments

New Treatments

Hello everybody! Summer is almost here so I hope you all have some fun vacations planned. As far as our blog for this month, I wanted to take a few words to discuss the topic of new and upcoming treatments. We discussed the role of treatments and medication in our four part series about what eczema is, but we did not get into the specifics of different medical options.

Many of you, just like my brother and myself, most likely use steroids if you have access to it when the eczema breakout is too much to take. Steroids are very nearly a miracle drug in this sense, for as you can imagine eczema is not something new to the human race. Skin problems and immune deficiencies and diseases have been a part of humanity since our conception. From the limited research I did into the initial usage of steroids, the first known application was around 1930. Since then they have been developed more and more to the point we now use steroids for asthma attacks all the way to eczema breakouts.

But what did we do before 1930?

What did one with asthma, eczema, or any other ailment that can be treated with steroids do?

The answer is plain, and a bit blunt, but they did nothing. There were no options for treatment, other than possibly managing the symptoms to ease discomfort, but there was no way to reverse the immune response of the skin. So I think it is important to acknowledge the blessings we have, the strides our medical field as made in advancing our wellbeing, and to think about what life would be without some of our comforts. So when I think of these things, and think about how life might be without steroids to stop a major eczema breakout, I can’t help but to feel it’s a bit of a miracle to have something I can put on to treat this.

I think this is a good thing to do. I think acknowledging our blessings is important, especially when it comes to our health, for it implies that would should not be taking things for granted. We should be grateful that there is even an option available to us. The next step in this thinking however is not to revel over the discovery of steroids or any other medication for that matter. We are to be grateful true, but we are also to be inquisitive, and demanding from those above us.

While I encourage you to use the medications available to us, I also encourage you to have some critical thought on its lasting effects and overall payout, the cost to benefit analysis. Just because it is a medication to cure or treat a specific disease, doesn’t necessarily mean your quality of life will improve with its usage. You may be trading one thing for another. These ideas we discussed last blog and I reinforce them here because I believe it’s important to think about how something affects you. Do not just accept what a doctor or nurse tells you. Be involved in your own care.

What I really want to get at is that if you are thinking critically, and you are pressing those around you for reasons, not just answers, then I hope you have heard of a new drug called Eucrisa. While being grateful and identifying the blessings in our lives is important, it is also important to continue and seek out progress. Our physicians and healthcare professionals know steroids are extremely effective in reversing the signs of eczema, but they also know it can change the anatomy of your skin in regards to long term integrity. While I was grateful to have relief, I knew and hoped that there would be something better without the side effects of steroids available to me one day.

This is when I saw the commercials for Eucrisa. The medication is made without steroids, which is a good indication that a lot of the negative side effects from other eczema treatments will not be present. It is described as all natural as well, so this to me implies that it will work in better harmony with your body. This in general should be a better option for you then steroids, but also be inquisitive. Just because something is natural, it doesn’t mean it better for you. Cobra venom and opiates are natural as well.

The big takeaway message here is to not stop your quest for answers and reasons. The idea is that we will always push our limits. We will always look for ways to improve. This translates to those with eczema because while we may have an effective treatment now, tomorrow we may have a better one and that may mean leave the older options in the past.

I encourage those who have heard of it to give Eucrisa a try. See for yourself if the medication actually works for one, then see if it has any side effects. I know the steroids do, for I can see in the places where it is applied most often that the color of my skin is a bit paler and not as tough. This worries me for all I think of is what it means for me in my 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s, assuming I’m kicking until then. I will be trying Eucrisa myself soon for the purpose of one day replacing the steroids I use for a treatment more in line with the natural processes of my body.

Now with all that being said, I want to make it clear Eucrisa is advertised for those with mild to moderate breakouts. For those of us with severe breakouts, steroids are still the best option in terms of reversing the process. That’s taking into the assumption you are doing everything in your power prior to a breakout to prevent it from occurring. This I have repeated several times, for it involves making life changes to clothing, detergents, house hold chemicals, and the many different substances that interact with our skin.

If there is anyone out there who has tried Eucrisa and has an opinion one way or another please feel free to write me and give me some feedback. Like before, feel free to reach out for any other reason, like if you have questions, concerns, or just a general statement, we would love to hear from you. You may even get some free shirts!

I hope your May goes well!



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