The Chicken and the Egg

I believe everyone has heard of the old question about the chicken and the egg, in regards to which one came first and gave rise to the perceived never ending cycle. I titled today’s blog this, and bring it up now, not because I wish to get into a philosophical discussion, about which one actually came first or what this means about creation itself. I use this analogy because I wish to draw on the lesson meant by this question. The reliance one side has on the other.

To me, by saying the chicken and the egg are in this never ending cycle, it means one depends on the other to exist. The egg cannot be formed without the chicken and the chicken must come from an egg. They rely on each other. They need each other to be here. As silly or trivial as this analogy might be, to me it carries with it a simple yet powerful idea, and even as a child I could see the lesson buried in its description. It was not about which came first, or describing the origin point of a specific creation, it was about stating the however obvious fact that one entity required another.

The reason I bring this up is because I want to make today’s blog about Smiling Panda’s intention, the cyclical process our business is in, and how the brand and the buyer are like the chicken and the egg. We as the producer, the business, need the buyer to maintain and expand our reach, our influence and ability. We need you, the customer, to believe in what we are doing. We need you to help us grow, to invest and purchase our products so that we may continue to do what we think is our contribution to society, and allow us to be impactful in the most useful way.

For the customer, you need entities like Smiling Panda to reach for heights no one individual can attain like advancements in medical care or breakthrough technologies. You rely on the large group like businesses and hospitals to give you access to these platforms, to technologies or techniques and resources you simply cannot grasp without help. So to me, it is very clear how one entity needs the other, and why it isn’t so much about describing how it started, or who needs more of what. It’s about identifying the importance of both.

Now, some may argue that this origin for Smiling Panda was my brother, and his determination, inspiration, and passion to pursue its creation. I wouldn’t refute that, and would even add the fact it was these things that drove him to learn how to sew, to learn all about fabrics and what is appropriate for sensitive skin, and his implementation of idea to reality by producing thousands of shirts for sale to help with an ailment may suffer from silently.

He was its initial push, its initial force, and without it the existence of Smiling Panda is not a reality. However I do not view him as the perpetuating source, or the Smiling Panda’s egg. To me the egg is the disease, the ailment of eczema, and it was not something myself, my brother Joe and anyone else originated. This is a byproduct of our bodies, and although some of us suffer from it more than others, it is an ‘us’ thing.

This is why this business is personal to us. It is why on one hand I hope you understand we need you to purchase our product. We need you to invest and believe what we are doing is right so that we can establish ourselves. We also want you to understand that we aren’t trying to take over the world. We do not do this because we seek large payouts or entrepreneurial status.

This product, what we are doing, is something we believe in. We believe in it so much, and truly wish that we are able to impact the world, we open ourselves up to any and all those who simply don’t have access to what they need. I am not millionaire, nor am I the smartest man to walk this earth, not even close, but I have something to offer.

I may not be able to give you the world, but I can do my best to give what I can. Smiling Panda may not cure your ailment, but we know we can help to alleviate the process. We believe in this so much so that we offer free shirts for those truly in need, or those in need of a reason to believe in what we are doing. Please reach out to us, explain to use of there is anything we can help with. I do not claim to have all the answers or solutions, but I do know that the greatness one person or business can achieve, the will of the collective can achieve much more. Reach out to us, know you are not alone, tell us your story and be a part of the group.

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