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"I get distracted easily when working out and can get annoyed by little things such as turf in my shoes or a slouched sock. This t-shirt is incredible it honestly feels like you’re not wearing one I love it. Also, I have exercise induced allergies as well so when I run I get hives which makes me itchy regardless of what I wear but this t-shirt actually made it a lot better and more comfortable to work out. Loved the logo, and no tag, a great shirt overall."

-Bethany B, McLean, VA

"I wanted to let you know how much my father and I like your shirts. Dad is now 86 and has been looking for something more comfortable to wear around our house, since it seems that he finds most shirts to cause irritation in his skin.  I found Smiling Panda apparel while I was searching the internet, and decided to order four shirts for Dad and me.  He wears them all the time, and I like using one at night as it helps keep me comfortable while sleeping.  My teenage daughter now wears mine (she thinks it is not only comfortable but also looks good), so I am ordering more.

Thanks for having a great product."

-Gene K, San Jose, CA

"I originally purchased the shirts for my 13-year old cousin, who suffers from eczema, but I kept one for myself. We both love the shirt! Her skin is extremely sensitive and other materials have irritated her skin, especially on her stomach and if long-sleeve, all the way down her arms. She told me that the Smiling Panda shirt was very comfortable and non-irritating. I don't have sensitive skin but I also find the shirt very comfortable to wear."

-Alexandria R, Cuyahoga Falls, OH

"Just want to let you know how wonderful your shirts are. I bought them for myself and my niece some months ago. We love them. The shirt is very comfortable in warm weather. However,  I found I wear it more in the winter to sleep in. Where I live it can be extremely cold and dry and I suffer at times from very dry skin, despite the application of copious amounts of lotion. If I wear my “ panda shirt” at  night I can sleep through the night without waking up itching."

-Margaret P and her niece Kate, Fargo, ND

"The shirt came in the mail! It's incredibly comfortable. Usually when I wear shirts I have to cut the tag off but even then I can get an eczema patch from what's still there, so without that and the seams sewn down I barely feel anything under the shirt I'm wearing now. I slept in the shirt and it was very comfortable."

-Aisling D, Orlando, FL